Building your marketing strategy for international expansion


When you’re ready to take your company to the next level, international expansion may be a logical next step to take. And while you may be tempted to simply copy and paste your existing marketing tactics, it can set you back in the long-term.

Every country and individual markets within those countries are uniquely different. Just look at our home country of the United States as an example. What resonates with buyers in the Deep South may not work in the Pacific Northwest. And what makes sense to those in Southwest might not work in New England. That’s why a tailored marketing strategy is necessary to effectively communicate with your customer base. So how do you go about designing a specialized approach for a new country?

From our years of dealing in international commerce, we’ve seen that if you follow some of these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to making an impact with your brand no matter where you grow.

Leverage Technology

First and foremost, you need to understand how people in your target market consumer information. Is there reliable Internet access? Which social media platforms are your potential customers engaged on? Is print media still important there? By factoring in technology and leveraging it where appropriate, you’ll be able to connect quickly with a new audience in a more cost effective manner.

Adapt to the Language and Culture

This should go without saying. You need to speak to new customers in their language. Just because your home base of operations is in the United States, for example, does not mean that everyone in your intended target market speaks English. With this in mind, be prepared to use translation services or bring on new staff to ensure your message being received is coherent and compelling. Furthermore, learn the general customs, holiday, mannerisms and what customers expect out of a positive consumer experience.

Outsource when Necessary

Local help can make all the difference when you’re crossing borders and expanding a business globally. You may find that language barriers and cultural difference make it difficult to create an effective strategy. That’s why you should always consider hiring a local agency or partner to help you identify opportunities for business success.

Keep an eye on the Competition

How is your competition doing in the market? How do they talk to their customers? What’s unique or disruptive about their practices? By examining their approach, you can learn not only from their successes, but also their failures.

Move your cargo with a Trusted Source

It goes without saying that your product is ultimately what defines you, no matter how strong your marketing push might be. So when you’re ready to move into another country, consider using a trusted freight forwarder such as ourselves, Merco International, who can help with all the logistics of transporting your goods from one country to another safely and securely.

With research, preparation, and creativity, you can reach the customer base that will make your international expansion a success.

Merco International has the experience, logistics infrastructure and global network to move your freight across towns, across countries and across continents. Whether you need to deliver dangerous goods such as fireworks for a worldwide music tour, or bulk commodities and specialty items, contact Merco International at 305-471-9009 or visit for an absolutely free consultation to learn more about your options.