How Clients Benefit from Merco International’s Transportation Management System


So what exactly is a transportation management system (TMS)? Simply put – it’s a tool that helps supply chain and freight forwarding specialist such as us at Merco International to manage freight and carriers.

Rating, booking and tracking are all considered key components of any TMS and it allows Merco International to retain full control of logistics by automating orders, creating shipments, optimizing routes, managing carriers, and scheduling pickups and deliveries while effectively communicating with all supply chain stakeholders throughout the process.

Merco International’s Transportation Management System ensures clients are receiving the optimal combination of rate and service type. It also empowers clients to make the most strategic choice possible when it comes to moving their cargo. Furthermore, it helps keep our supply chain running smoothly, which increases on-time deliveries and makes tracking information more accessible. And lastly, Merco International’s Transportation Management System allows us to scale services to meet the ongoing needs of our clients.

Merco International has the experience, logistics infrastructure and global network to move your freight across towns, across countries and across continents. Whether you need to deliver dangerous goods such as fireworks for a worldwide music tour, or bulk commodities and specialty items, contact Merco International at 305-471-9009 or visit for an absolutely free consultation to learn more about your options.